Fatmagic is an Austrian-American electronic music duo. The band name is an acronym and stands for Freakin’ Awesome Tracks Made After Going Insanely Crazy.


Radina Tara Vel and Madmax Fiddler create their unique sound with eclectic vocals, electric violin and electric cello mixed with electronic beats.


The musical genre is as international as the band members and is often described as a well-balanced blend of sophisticated EDM, Electro Swing, and House, paired with folky hooks, and mind-bending rock licks.



It's the year 2008 when Markus Fahrenberger aka Madmax Fiddler and Radina Veliova aka Radina Tara Vel create the band Fatmagic in Vienna, Austria.

Right after moving to San Francisco in January 2009, the two European musicians, recording artists, songwriters and producers play various small and big venues all over the Bay Area and release their first single "Higher".


In 2010, Fatmagic releases their first studio album "Connecting Continents". Songs from the album are used in several short movies, movies, animations and fans are blown away by this new way of combining electronic music and classical instruments.


In 2011, Fatmagic receives the Hollywood Music in Media Award for best album, and kick off their annual tour to Miami, New York City, London, Paris, Vienna, Belgrade, Berlin, Sofia and many other cities all over Europe and the United States.

Radina and Madmax work with international artists and producers from different musical fields on remixes for their EP "Get Down" which later ranks among the Top 10 in several music charts and airs on many radio stations around the globe. Fatmagic releases their first official music video "Get Down" right away.


In 2012, Fatmagic collaborates with the instrument manufacturer NS Design and have their stylish violin and cello custom finished to match the captivating white mask of Madmax. After creating their new sound, Fatmagic goes back to the studio and record their second studio album "Connecting Worlds". This album introduces a new facet of the band in terms of style and sound. Fatmagic collaborates with Grammy Award-winning producer Warren Huart and Evren Goknar from Capitol Records.


In 2013, Fatmagic is honored with the Hollywood Music in Media Award for best song "Blood Diamonds", taken from the second album. The music video "Darkness" is released.


In 2014, Fatmagic releases the music video "Teddy", which stars the famous German-Austrian actor Reinhard Nowak.


In 2015, Fatmagic finds a new home in Los Angeles and soon gets nominated for the MondoTunes Music Award, which they also win for best song "Darkness".






- Fatmagic currently works on their 10-year anniversary album which will be released later this year
- Fatmagic releases a 10-year anniversary album with remixes of their biggest hits


- Fatmagic goes back to the studio to work on new songs


- Fatmagic moves to Hawai'i and perform various shows all over the Big Island of Hawai'i


- Fatmagic starts performing in the Los Angeles music scene


- Fatmagic Christmas tour to Germany and Austria
- Fatmagic wins the MondoTunes PopRock Song Contest
- Fatmagic becomes Eco Superhero of the week
- Fatmagic featured at "Art by Vegan"





- Fatmagic releases the second album "Connecting Worlds"
- Fatmagic releases the music video "Darkness"
- Fatmagic releases the EP "Hola Rey"
- Fatmagic releases the music video "Hola Rey"
- Fatmagic tours all over Europe
- Fatmagic wins the 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Award for best album in the category Techno/Electronica


- Fatmagic gets nominated for several awards internationally
- Fatmagic tours all over Europe
- Fatmagic works on their second album and add live drums and live electric bass to the band
- Fatmagic music video shooting "Darkness"


- Fatmagic releases the EP "Get Down" and start international radio airplay
- "Get Down" hits the Top 10 iTunes charts
- Fatmagic releases the music video "Get Down"
- Fatmagic tours all over Europe
- Fatmagic wins the 2011 Hollywood Music in Media Award for best album in the category Techno/Electronica





- Fatmagic releases the first album "Connecting Continents"
- Fatmagic releases the EP "I Still Believe"
- Fatmagic tours all over Europe
- Fatmagic music video shooting "Get Down"


- Fatmagic quickly raises in the San Francisco dance club scene
- Fatmagic releases the EP "Higher"
- Fatmagic moves to San Francisco


- Fatmagic plays their first show at the fancy Supperclub Vienna
- Markus Fahrenberger and Radina Veliova form Fatmagic in Vienna (Austria)



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